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Victoria's Best Day Ever

In loving memory of Victoria.




On the 25th April, 2019 our world as we knew it changed.  Our beautiful, vibrant, caring and joyful gift, Victoria, passed away.  Victoria was the most special gift to to all of us.  Whilst in the depths of grief, we have been reminded every day, not only by loved ones, but by precious memories of just how incredible Victoria was and how much she touched all of us.  Victoria loved life, life excited her, and the world was definitely her oyster.  Every day she found so much joy, and let everyone know, that ‘today is the best day ever’.

“Victoria was the most colourful, exuberant, joyful and free spirited person I have ever known. There were no rules with Tori; no colour or pattern combinations were out of bounds, no themes clashed, no caution was ever shown! She loved things from tiaras and elegant gowns, to sugar candy skulls and motorbike leathers! "Rainbow" was her favourite colour because a she said, "How could I choose just one?" Victoria loved every day of her life and every person that was in her every day. Her greetings were full of squeals of delight, warm hugs and heartfelt compliments. Her every day was lived without inhibition; singing, dancing and embracing all she loved.” - Kate Marshall, Tori’s Mother.

What became very apparent in the hours after her passing, was that the only way to truly celebrate Victoria’s life, was to  create our own “Best Day Ever” Festival.  A festival filled with everything beautiful, joyful, vibrant and colourful, just as she would have loved.  Victoria loved a festival.  Victoria had expressed she wanted her next party to be in the Olive Grove at Freshwater Creek Cottages.  It is with pure love and pride we ask that you come and join us in celebrating Victoria.

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Thursday 9th of May, at 4pm

Freshwater Creek Cottages is located at 815 Pettavel Road, Freshwater Creek.  Follow the signs, where parking is available in the front paddock.  Carriages will be available to transport guests to the Olive Grove.

The Festival will commence with a service, followed by a visual trip down memory lane, followed by laughter and dancing.

Fancy Dress, as Victoria loved, is encouraged!
Refreshments and finger foods provided.

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Please click on the below link to RSVP and join in what will be a beautiful day.


We have been inundated with so many of our friends and family offering to help.  We are very overwhelmed to say the least.  We knew Victoria was loved, what we didn’t realise was how many peoples lives she touched.  She truly was amazing.  We are welcoming anyone that wants to contribute to the festival.  Bring what you like and as much as you like.  What can you bring…. think Victoria… If you have extra flowers in your garden, if you can bring yummy finger food or dessert to add to the grazing table, if you have a photo of Victoria you’d like to share, we will welcome it all with open arms.

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